How do I choose the right small warehouse for me?

There are many providers of small warehouses; Pelican Self Storage, City warehouse, Helsinki warehouses, Cutter, Home storage and so on. Each operator also has its own operating model, pricing and inventory size class. The differences may not be great, but there are. 

How to choose the right warehouse for your needs? 

In principle, of course, it is good to think about that use in this case as well. Is the storage space to be rented for a long time? Is there any kind of stuff going to storage? What about location; how often should i visit the warehouse? 

Among other things, you can find the right direction by answering the above questions. If the storage space is to be rented for a long time for extra goods that simply don’t fit into the current space, it’s obviously good to think about what kind of cost it will incur. When a warehouse is leased for a long time, fixed costs also increase in the longer term. If space is only needed, for example, as a temporary warehouse for a moving load, the price does not matter so much, in which case it is worth focusing on other factors such as a good location or a larger warehouse where it is more convenient to do business. 

One thing that is also worth thinking about especially carefully is how often the warehouse should be visited. If the need is weekly, or even several times a week, location is paramount. Instead of driving 15min to your warehouse for several days vs. the fact that you drive there 5min, it repeats during the week and shows e.g. lost time as well as fuel costs. In this case, it is good to choose a slightly more expensive space if it is close. If, on the other hand, the goods are taken to the warehouse at a time for at least a month, the location is not so important, so it is worth looking at e.g. would get a bigger and cheaper space a little further. 

It is also worth looking at the size and shape of the warehouse from the perspective of what kind of goods are to be stored. In the case of just moving boxes, even a small space is usually enough, because in the boxes you can pack a lot of goods in an incredibly small space. If, on the other hand, there is a need to store even bicycles, it is worth paying attention to the floor area of the warehouse and the shape of the warehouse as the wheels can take up a surprising amount of space. 

In summary, before you rent a small warehouse for yourself, go through exactly where you really need the warehouse. Large and heavy items that are rarely needed may be worth storing in a larger and more affordable space, even if it is a little further away. Instead, if the need is to even cycle to the warehouse daily to drop the inventory you sell in the online store, it may make sense to take a slightly more expensive and smaller space that is next door to you.