Small warehouses in Helsinki 's Punavuori - address Sepänkatu 7

Vuokravarasto Sepänkatu Punavuori.jpg

Tokko Rental Warehouses has now been opened in Helsinki's Punavuori, Sepänkatu 7. We rent small warehouses in the size range of 1.5m2 - 4.5m. There are a total of 22 stocks and them are located at Sepänkatu 7, 00150, Helsinki.  

What does Tokko rental warehouse cost? 

1.5m2 = 69e / month
2m2 = 79e / month
2.5m2 = 89e / month
3m2 = 99e / month
4.5m2 = 109e / month

How do I rent a warehouse? 

The easiest of all you can rent a warehouse from our online store. Of course, you can always contact us by e-mail or call the number +358443367822

What size warehouse do I need? 

As a rule of thumb, 10% of the area of the dwelling is sufficient for the size of the warehouse. For example, if you have a 20m2 studio apartment, 2m2 of storage is enough for its furniture. For a 50m2 one bedroom apartment, we recommend our larger 4.5m2 warehouse. In our pictures we have tried to illustrate stock sizes with cardboard boxes, as well as cam carts. The cardboard boxes shown in the pictures are 58x33x42cm. 

Why would I rent the Tokko Rental Store? 

We strive to always be close to you and provide cost-effective, as well as easy storage of goods. We are in great locations and you may not need a car to use our warehouse. Our warehouses are mainly in the premises of condominiums, which can be easily reached even by bike or on foot. Simplification, usability and ecology are a big part of our values.
In addition, we strive for a first-class customer experience in all our operations, and we invest the most in maximizing the added value you receive when using our service. We hope that with our help, as little stuff as possible goes to the trash and we encourage people to acquire goods that are as long-lasting as possible, and also to preserve them through easy storage. 
If you have any questions, we will always be happy to answer! You can call the number +358443367822, put the message in
Hope to see you soon on Sepänkatu! 
Best regards, Tomi Hyttinen / Tokko Group