Small storage space for the company

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Are you an online retailer? A cafe entrepreneur? Or maybe you have your own clothing store on a stone leg? 

Tokko Rental Warehouse is also great for the company's use as additional space, e.g. storage of products. In the following article, I will go through a bit of situations where the small storage space we offer could also be suitable for company use. 

  • Online merchant
  • Types of clothing
  • Cafe / small restaurant
  • Nursery
  • Brokerage
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    Storage space for an online retailer

    More and more people are starting their entrepreneurial careers as e-marketers. Almost anything can be sold in an online store, and usually the storage and logistics of the goods are an integral part of the everyday life of the online retailer. For example, suppose you sell dog supplies in an online store that you order from China. In principle, you can always get an order more cheaply the more goods you have, but the problem here may be that it is not possible to store a large amount of goods in your own apartment or online cellar, as you should be able to live somewhere and keep your own basement. For example, in such a case, Tokko Rental Warehouse can be an excellent solution. For example, our 2m2 warehouse, which has a volume of about 4m3 (area 2m2, height 2m = 4m3), can hold about 630 shoe boxes. 

    Storage space for a clothing store

    Another scenario could well be one where the clothing store’s own storage is not enough and additional space is needed. For example, in a situation where the storage space of your own clothing store is mainly intended for storing seasonal clothes, there may be a need to store unsold summer underwear for a year ahead so that they can be put up for sale again the following summer. In such a situation, our small warehouse could serve as a great additional space for storing clothing. All our storage spaces are such that you can easily hang them, e.g. hangers. Take a closer look at the facilities FROM HERE

    Storage space for a cafe or small restaurant

    In particular, all such items, such as terrace furniture or interior elements, can be such accessories that are not generally designed to be stored in the café's own warehouse, but this space is reserved e.g. raw materials and groceries. However, if the situation is that, for example, a small terrace is always built in the café for the summer and cleaned up for the winter, the Tokko Rental Warehouse can be a great and inexpensive way to store terrace furniture in our small warehouse for the winter. From the images in this link you can see how small even small storage spaces can be when they are packed correctly. For example, a 3m2 warehouse, already pulls in more than 6m2 of goods, which means about 75 large cardboard boxes.

    Storage space for kindergarten or family day care

    Especially if the activity is so small that, for example, there are very few or no storage facilities, our small warehouse can be a great solution. For example, it is convenient to store football and other outdoor equipment in our warehouse located on Sepänkatu, which is opposite Sepänpuisto. In this case, you can store outdoor equipment in our warehouse and retrieve it whenever you go outdoors in the adjacent park. 

    Especially family day care workers who take care of children at home may come across a situation that their own facilities are already in use, but family day care activities require furniture or e.g. outdoor equipment that does not fit in your own home.

    Warehouse space for a broker

    Signs, styling supplies, brochures, etc. Can they fit in your space or could a small styling warehouse, for example, be stored in our small warehouse? The importance of styling in the sale of an apartment has grown year by year and this in turn causes that there must be props with which the apartments can be styled. In many cases, especially the stone foot spaces in the center are not designed for furniture storage, so a rental warehouse can be a convenient option. Our Sepänkatu 7 warehouse is a great option, especially for brokers in southern Helsinki. 

    >>> Rent Tokko Rental Warehouse here <<<

    Whatever your business, where you need extra space for storage, you should definitely ask us what kind of space is available at any given time. Our Helsinki Punavuori warehouse serves the residents of southern Helsinki as well as companies at Sepänkatu 7. Rent the warehouse directly from our online store and you will have immediate access to it. 

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