Warehouse for pipe repairs?

Pipe repair, line renovation, HVAC renovation, pipe ramp, etc. A beloved child has many names. In any case, this is a subject that affects a very large part of us. FIRA estimates that the pipe repair will take about 9 weeks on average, but depending on the case, it can differ a lot. 

One unfortunate thing about the current technology used in pipe repairs, at least in Finland, is that it is seldom possible to live in an apartment at the same time. Even if the renovation could be carried out in that 9 weeks, it would still be a long time without your own belongings let alone sitting in a hotel room. That is why many end up in temporary housing during the plumbing renovation. 

Renting a warehouse brings cost savings

If you end up in a temporary home, there will definitely be a cost. Please run the costs of two apartments momentarily. If your own apartment has been at least 75m2 and you have lived with 2 adults + 2 children + a dog, it is clear that the studio may not even fit in temporarily, but instead of a 75m2 temporary apartment, it might be a good idea to rent at least a 45m2 one-room apartment and storage space? If approached purely through cost, this might well make sense. Let's take a computational example:

  • Pipe repair duration 3 months
  • 75m2 apartment rent for 3 months in Southern Helsinki € 5,100
  • 45m2 apartment rent for 3 months in Southern Helsinki € 3300
  • Tokko rental warehouse 4.5m2 rent for 3 months 198 €
    • -> Total cost when choosing a 75m2 apartment = 5100e
    • -> Total cost when choosing a 45m2 apartment + Tokko Rental Warehouse = 3498e

Thus, renting a slightly smaller apartment and a separate warehouse for goods saves about 1,600 euros in cost. In addition, we almost always have campaigns in place to further reduce the cost of inventory.

Of course, every situation is different, and everyone makes decisions on these matters according to their own situation. Sometimes the plumbing repair can be such that you can even live there at the same time, sometimes the goods only need to be moved a little, sometimes the renovation only takes 2 weeks and sometimes it is best to change for a while even to the cottage. In any case, in this example, we wanted to highlight the option that short-term storage of goods can also save significant costs in some cases.