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In the global world, we often travel a lot because of our work, and sometimes these trips are not a few days or weeks long and can even take years. For these situations, where the posting abroad lasts longer, it may not be possible or willing to keep one's own home in the home country just because one's own goods can be kept there. This also does not necessarily make economic sense, especially if it is not your own apartment that may be rented to an outsider for a period of secondment. Because of the Korona, the situation has changed at some level, or at least slowed down momentarily, but in the long run, the situations in which we will spend time in another country because of our work are likely to increase.

In such a situation, a rental warehouse can be a very sensible option. You don't have to give up all the most important items in particular, but you can very safely store them in the Tokko Rental Warehouse. Of course, some of the goods can be sold out, but verms that have emotional value or something new when returning from a posting can be difficult to find. I also recommend reading the article "Store or sell?"where I discuss in more detail what kind of cost savings can be achieved with storage. 

Storage flexibility is also in a class of its own in terms of schedules. For example, with our Tokko Rental Warehouses you can rent anything from our warehouses very flexible always one month at a time. Therefore, if your posting abroad suddenly ends earlier than you originally thought, you will be able to use your goods immediately and the warehouse will not incur any additional costs for you due to the long contract period. If, on the other hand, your posting is stretched, you can stretch it worry-free no matter how long you have the warehouse at your disposal for as long as you need it. 

So if you are going abroad for a short or long time, you can always rent space from us for your goods easily and flexibly directly from our online store. We have put together an excellent site videos and pictures so you get a good idea of the facilities even without visiting the site itself. You will receive the keys to the warehouse in the mail within two days and if you need the warehouse faster you can always call and we will bring the keys to you on site or to your home. 

So we really wish you a rewarding foreign assignment if one happens to you, and even more warmly you as our customer! 

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