Renting a warehouse in Helsinki - what can be stored in the warehouse?

Renting a warehouse in Helsinki is certainly often more necessary than, for example, in the provinces. Helsinki, especially in the city center, is often more densely populated and there is a lack of storage space. Several houses were built almost a hundred years ago, and at that time it was not necessarily possible to take into account the storage of prams or hobby equipment. Basement or attic warehouses, if they have existed at all, have been small and since when the attics began to be built, e.g. In southern Helsinki, this is naturally out of every apartment's storage space. That is why, among other things, we at Tokko Warehouses offer small storage space for residents of the Southern Helsinki area. 

What can be stored in a small warehouse?

Warm, compact - sized small warehouses of a few square feet such as Tokko Rental Warehouses, is basically designed for storing extra items in your home. This means e.g. hobby equipment such as snowboards, puddles or golf bags that are not necessarily needed every day and therefore are not wanted (and may not fit) in your own apartment. In addition, e.g. extra tableware or other interior items that do not fit in the apartment at the moment but which you want to change in the apartment at certain intervals are in excellent storage in a small warehouse for rent. 

Often also due to temporary relocation, for example abroad, to a smaller apartment or out of the way of a pipe repair, a lot of small warehouses are rented. Although one could imagine that it is difficult to accommodate the goods of the whole apartment in a 3m2 warehouse, for example, it can be considered a rule of thumb that the 3m2 warehouse can actually accommodate the entire furniture of an apartment of about 30m2. Taking into account the fact that, for example, Tokko's rental warehouses are about 2.5 m2 high, well-packed goods can fit in the warehouse for about 7.5 cubic meters, which is already quite a lot! Packaging design is essential for optimizing space. With a good arrangement, you can fit a lot of stuff in a small space. 

And what can't be stored in a small warehouse?

Basically, when it comes to storage facilities located in connection with residential properties, most of which e.g. The small warehouses located in the southern Helsinki area are subject to the same regulations as in ordinary basements or attic warehouses owned by housing companies. No dangerous substances or e.g. car tires must not be stored in the event of a fire. Also, motor vehicles or flammable materials / substances are often not allowed to be stored in such spaces. Everything always starts with fire safety, so it’s good to think about it so that anything you couldn’t store in your own apartment isn’t likely to be suitable for storage in a small warehouse either. 

There are separate storage properties, parking garages or container warehouses, where you can then store e.g. motor vehicles or car tires. However, the rules should always be reviewed on a case-by-case basis when renting stock. 

In conclusion, small warehouses are actually suitable for storing all kinds of goods that do not pose a risk to fire safety. If you rent a warehouse that is close to you, you can use it conveniently even every day when e.g. storing hobby equipment such as hockey equipment in a small warehouse can be a very sensible option instead of bringing it to the corner of your room to smell. 

If you are thinking about everything that can be stored in our small warehouses, for example, ask bravely

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