Rental warehouses in Helsinki

There are many types of storage facilities, large, small, cold and hot. Near and far, expensive and inexpensive. What kind of space do you need and from where? 

After all, the optimal situation is, of course, to find a space suitable for one's own purposes in a cost-effective way, so let's take a look at some of the options available in Helsinki. mainly offers cold storage facilities in Konala, Helsinki. A very good option, for example, when you need a lot of space cheaply and the space does not need to be warm. Container warehouses are also provided by many other operators such as City warehouse

Pelican Self Storage

Pelican Self Storage offers many sizes of storage space. Pelica's warehouses are warm and well connected. Pelican self storage offers 1m2 - 30m2 of storage space for both individuals and companies. 

City warehouse

Another of the larger storage space providers is City warehouse. Like Pelican Self Storage, Cityvarasto offers both small thermal storage booths but also larger spaces as well as cold container warehouses. City warehouses, like Pelica's warehouses, are located along large transport warehouses with good transport connections.

If you are looking for a more special space, such as a refrigerated cold store and a particularly large space, it may be best to go get a space e.g. service. brings together a large number of premises, including storage premises, where you can certainly find solutions suitable for more special storage needs. 

Tokko Rental Warehouse

Tokko Rental Warehouse, ie our own service, is primarily intended for nearby customers who appreciate that the warehouse is located within walking distance, is safe, warm and, above all, suitable for the need for additional household space. Tokko rental warehouses are located in Punavuori, Helsinki, so e.g. For the residents of Punavuori, Ullanlinna, Kaivopuisto, Eira and Kaartinkaupunki, it is a great solution because of its location. Tokko rental warehouses are small warehouses with a size of 1.5m2 - 4.5m, which you can rent directly from our online store.

What kind of inventory exactly you need definitely depends on what your purpose is. Instead of just the price, it is worth thinking about e.g. whether the location of the warehouse for one's own place is easy or whether there is a need for a lot of space or whether there could be less of it. If, on the other hand, there is no need to store the goods in the warehouse, which must be in a warm and dry place, a container warehouse may well be the right solution for your needs.