Terms and conditions

Tokko Self Storage -  Terms and conditions


1 § Condition of the warehouse and goods to be stored: The warehouse shall be leased in the condition and size as it is at the time of concluding this contract. The warehouse may only be used to store dry piece goods. Unauthorized stay or overnight stay is strictly prohibited. The storage of explosives, flammable or spontaneously flammable substances and liquids which are dangerous or harmful to the environment and health is prohibited. The storage of organic substances and tires is prohibited. Storage of goods is allowed only in the warehouse mentioned in the contract. It is strictly forbidden to store goods outdoors in the storage area. The landlord has the right to remove and dispose of the goods left out of the warehouse at the tenant's expense. The landlord may also choose to keep the goods and return them to the tenant for a separate fee. The use of the yard area or other area of ​​the housing association for the tenant's own activities, other than as a passageway, is prohibited.

2 § Heating, electricity and maintenance work: The landlord is responsible for heating and electricity. The storage area may be closed for safety or maintenance reasons at times specified by the landlord.

3 § Insurance lockout and landlord's liability: The landlord is not liable for damage to or loss of goods stored in the tenant's warehouse. The tenant is responsible for adequately insuring the goods stored and locking the warehouse with a padlock. The landlord has the right to lock the tenant's unlocked warehouse and charge the tenant the costs of the operation.

4 § Modification work: The tenant has no right to carry out modification work on the structures. No external signs, texts, logos, images or other symbols related to the tenant's activities are allowed. At the end of the contract, the stock must be returned in the same condition as it was when the contract was concluded. It must not be fixed to the walls, floor or ceiling and punctured, and, for example, any shelves must be free-standing on the floor. The ventilation holes in the storage must not be blocked. The landlord has the right to go to the leased warehouse due to the necessary maintenance and repair measures. Smoking is strictly forbidden in the storage rooms. Unnecessary idling of the car in the storage area is prohibited. The tenant must take care of closing all the doors of the housing association when visiting the warehouse. The landlord has the right, with one (1) month's notice, to assign to the tenant a storage space of the same size or larger in the storage area for exchange.

5 § Fixed-term lease agreement: The lease agreement terminates in accordance with this agreement without notice. The tenant will empty and clean the warehouse and return the keys to the key management point by the last day of the lease. Otherwise, this lease becomes an indefinite lease in accordance with section 6. In fixed-term leases, we follow the practice of full months, ie you rent the warehouse on 15 May. and you state that you no longer need it 5.8. In this case, the rent payment is considered 15.5. - 15.8. for three full months.

6 § Lease agreement valid until further notice: If you have a lease agreement for an indefinite period, you can terminate your stock at any time with a 1-month notice period as follows: the warehouse must be terminated by the end of the month So if you rented a warehouse, for example, 15.5. and terminating it on 31.5. by, the rent will be invoiced for another 15.6. in which case the agreement expires on 15.7. Termination of stock must be made in writing either by email or letter. Please note, therefore, that when you terminate the inventory, the agreement will continue beyond the next billing period, as in the example above, when the actual time to vacate the inventory may be more than one month, depending slightly on when the lease was originally started.

The tenant will empty and clean the warehouse and return the keys according to various instructions by the last day of the lease period. After the end of the contract period, the landlord has the right to empty the warehouse by realizing the assets left in the warehouse in the way it deems best. The costs and transport costs caused by the measure will be charged in full to the tenant.

7 § Payment of rent: The tenant's right of access to the storage area is activated and the right to manage the leased space begins when the contract has been approved by both parties. The rent is paid either by credit card in Tokko Group's online store or in advance once a month by the due date to the account indicated by the landlord. The rental agreement officially starts from the date of signing the agreement or the date of placing the order in the online store. If the rent is not paid in accordance with the agreement, the landlord has the right to always charge a penalty / delay penalty of 5 euros and the default interest valid at the time, together with the collection costs, for the rent due. If the rent is not paid in accordance with the agreement, the landlord has the right to close the right of access to the storage area without notice and / or terminate the agreement immediately and to withhold (with its own lock) all goods stored by the tenant and charge a warehouse opening fee of 30 euros. If the rent has not been paid three (3) months after the due date, the landlord has the right to realize (as it sees fit, for example in a public auction) all the goods stored by the tenant and use the realization result to pay the arrears and selling expenses. The remaining part is paid by the landlord to the tenant upon request. The tenant is aware and accepts that the auction sale prices are usually significantly lower than the so-called fair prices. The tenant is not entitled to claim and receive damages on this basis if the realization is based on unpaid rents.

8 § Rent guarantee and its return: If the tenant has or the tenant has a credit default note, the landlord has the right to charge a three (3) month rent guarantee. The rental guarantee will be refunded after the notice period when the storage space has been found to be emptied and cleaned (see § 5 and § 6 above). The landlord has the right to set off his outstanding receivables from the rent guarantee. The condition for the refund is that the tenant has provided his or her bank account number to the landlord.


9 § Transfer of the contract, obligation of the tenant to notify and other matters: The tenant is not entitled to transfer the lease to a third party without the written consent of the landlord. In case of doubt, the landlord has the right to close the access to the warehouse. The landlord has the right to transfer the lease to a third party without consulting the tenant. The tenant is obliged to inform the landlord of his / her current contact information and any changes thereto without delay. Otherwise, the tenant is responsible for any direct or indirect damage that may result from incorrect contact information. The Landlord shall not be liable for any indirect or consequential damages or delays caused by a technical fault or the like in accordance with the principles of force majeure. Otherwise, the applicable law on the rental of commercial premises is complied with. The landlord has the right to check the tenant's credit information. If the contract is made in the name of the company and the signatory does not have sufficient authority to enter into the contract, he is personally the other party to the lease.

10 § Breaches of contract: If the tenant violates the rental terms agreed in sections 1-9, the landlord has the right, in addition to what is listed in section 7, to close the right of access to the storage area, terminate the lease immediately, remove dangerous substances and goods to obtain compensation for direct and indirect damages caused by a breach of contract.

11 § A fee of € 75 will be charged for a lost key.