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Privacy statement


This Privacy Statement describes how Tokko Vuokravarasto processes the personal data of natural persons who are users of its services in its own operations. This privacy statement applies to everyone Obstacle rental warehouse business processes and sites, domains, mobile solutions, cloud services and other services it provides. Unless otherwise stated, this Privacy Statement also applies to the processing of personal data by other companies or individuals belonging to the Tokko Group.

Tokko Rental Warehouse in addition, websites and other services may from time to time contain links to social networks of third parties. These social networks of third parties, as well as through their processing of personal data such third party's own privacy policy statement applies.

This privacy statement explainsObstacle rental warehouse processing of personal data when Tokko Vuokravarasto or a company or individual belonging to the Tokko Group acts as a registrar. We always process your personal data only to the extent necessary, for example, to provide our services and always in accordance with applicable law.

By providing us with your personal information, you express that you have read and are aware of the procedures and conditions for the processing of personal data in accordance with this privacy statement. If you do not agree to the processing principles described in this privacy statement, do not provide us with your personal information.



Unless otherwise stated, for personal data processed in accordance with this Privacy Statement, the controller shall be:

Tokko Rental Store / Tokko Group Oy
Business ID: 3108947-4
Address: Linnankoskenkatu 11 B 30, 00250, Helsinki    
Phone: +358 44 336 7822

And / or (as appropriate):

The Tokko Rental Warehouse or a company belonging to the Tokko Group to which you have disclosed your personal data or from which you have received marketing communications.

If you are not sure who is the data controller for your personal data, you can contact Tokko Rental Warehouse using the contact information provided in this privacy statement to ask.


Person responsible for processing personal data

Tomi Hyttinen
Managing director

Tokko Rental Store / Tokko Group Oy
Linnankoskenkatu 11 B 30

Phone: +358 44 336 7822

Purposes of the processing of personal data and legal basis

Tokko Rental Warehouse processes personal data for the following purposes listed below.


Customer relationships

Tokko Rental Warehouse processes the personal data it collects primarily on their behalf Tokko Rental Warehouse to supply and produce services that the person has subscribed to or that the person has registered to use. Personal data is processed for the management and analysis of customer and other relevant relationships, the provision of services, business development and planning, and opinion and market research and customer communications, which can also be carried out electronically and in a targeted manner.



Tokko Rental Warehouse may also process personal data collected from individuals for marketing purposes, provided that the individual has given his or her consent or, in certain cases, has not expressly prohibited this. Individuals have the right to withdraw their consent to the use of their data for marketing purposes at any time, either by contacting the contact information provided in this privacy statement or by using the opt-out provided in the marketing communications (such as the unsubscribe link).

Tokko Rental Warehouse does not sell or transfer the personal data it processes to third parties for their own marketing purposes, unless the person has given his or her express consent. Tokko Rental Warehouse the marketing activities performed by them on behalf of other controllers as processors are described below.



Tokko Rental Warehouse processes the personal data of investors collected in accordance with the Companies Act. The purpose of this registry is to enable Obstacle rental warehouse registration of shareholders for the Annual General Meeting. Personal information is required in order to verify the identity of the registrant, the shareholding and to check the person's right to participate in the Annual General Meeting. Personal data provided by shareholders will only be used in connection with the Annual General Meeting and the processing of necessary registrations related thereto. The data will not be transferred.


Legal basis for the proceedings

Tokko Rental Warehouse processes your personal data on a different legal basis depending on whether it works Tokko Rental Warehouse as a controller or processor of the personal data you process. Tokko Rental Warehouse acting as the controller itself, the processing of your personal data is based on either a) the data subject Obstacle rental warehouse with Tokko Rental Warehouse b) the performance of the legitimate interests of the registered customer relationship of the Tokko Rental Warehouse, or c) the consent of the data subject. When Tokko Vuokravarasto acts as a processor for its customer company acting as registrar, Tokko Vuokravarasto's processing of your personal data is based on an agreement between Tokko Vuokravarasto and the registrar on ordering services.

Providing personal information to Tokko Rental Warehouse is generally not a condition of the contract or the provision of services. However, if this is the case, and Tokko Vuokravarasto cannot, for example, implement the services you have ordered without your personal information, the provision of this information is marked separately as mandatory. Failure to provide such information marked as mandatory may prevent Tokko Rental Warehouse from providing the services you have ordered or significantly restrict their delivery.


Personal data to be processed

Tokko Rental Warehouse may process, among other things, the following personal data for customer relationship management and marketing purposes:

  •    First and last name
  •    contact information (postal address, telephone number, e-mail address)
  •    the time and manner of the beginning and end of the customer relationship and / or business relationship
  •    direct marketing authorizations and prohibitions
  •    Business ID (companies)
  •    information on the use of electronic services and content (eg subscribing to newsletters)
  •    marketing and promotional information, such as marketing activities targeted at and participation in the data subject

In addition Tokko Rental Warehouse may, when registering for the Annual General Meeting, collect the following personal identification information:

  • First and last name
  • personal identity number / business identity number
  • address
  • telephone number
  • email address
  • book-entry account number
  • number of shares and votes
  • the name of any assistant or agent and the identity number of the agent

In addition Tokko Rental Warehouse may process the following information about the purchasers of the product and / or service in addition to those listed above in connection with the management of customer relationships:

  •    customer number
  •    business ID
  •    billing information
  •    contact persons (name, telephone, e-mail)
  •    information related to the management and communication of customers and other relevant contacts and classification (eg information on purchase and cancellation of products and services, delivery information, feedback, complaints and recordings of customer service transactions, such as calls, e-mails and support messages)


Regular sources of information

Personal data concerning the data subject are primarily collected directly from the data subject himself, inter alia, when the data subject himself discloses his personal data, for example when subscribing to a newsletter, Obstacle rental warehouse services and in connection with various marketing measures such as marketing lotteries and competitions and events.

Personal data may also be collected and updated from the registers of partners and from companies providing personal data services to which the data subject has given his or her consent to the disclosure of his or her personal data. Such third parties from Tokko Rental Warehouse may collect data from registrants, such as various companies that provide credit or address information.


Regular disclosures

Goby Rental warehouse disclose personal data only in cases and to the extent necessary for the proper provision of services. Goby Rental warehouse always apply appropriate safeguards to ensure the protection of personal data in the event of transfers.

Tokko The Rental Warehouse may from time to time be required to disclose personal data it has processed to competent authorities or other similar entities in a manner required by the requirements of such competent authorities or other parties, based on applicable law.

If we sell, buy, merge or otherwise reorganize our business, users ’personal information may be disclosed to buyers or potential buyers and their advisors.

Data may be disclosed to Tokko Rental warehouse selected partners as well as service providers who process data on behalf of the controller on the basis of a cooperation agreement between the parties. In such situations, Tokko Rental warehouse always ensure that its partners and service providers involved in the processing of personal data are contractually bound by confidentiality and data protection, and that personal data are processed only by Tokko; Rental warehouse for the purposes described in this privacy statement.

In addition to Obedience Rental warehouse regularly disclose information about Tokko Rental warehouse Within the companies belonging to the group. Some of the companies in the Tokko Group may also be located outside Finland, as a result of which information may also be disclosed or processed outside Finland. However, companies belonging to the Tokko Group are not located outside the EU or the EEA.


Data transfer outside the EU or the EEA

As a general rule, we do not transfer data outside the EU or the EEA. However, in some situations (eg where our service provider or servers are located outside the EEA), we may have to transfer the personal data we collect to non-EEA countries where the level of data protection may not be adequate on behalf of the European Commission (eg USA).

If we transfer data outside the EU or the EEA to such countries with an inadequate level of data protection, we will ensure an adequate level of protection of personal data, including by agreeing on the confidentiality and processing of personal data as required by law, for example using model contract clauses approved by the European Commission. The European Commission's model contract clauses are available on the European Commission's website and you can request a copy of other transfer criteria by contacting Tokko Rental Warehouse.


Protection of personal data

We use necessary and appropriate technical and organizational security measures to protect personal information against unauthorized access, disclosure, destruction or other unauthorized processing. Such means include, but are not limited to, the use of firewalls, secure equipment facilities, appropriate access control, controlled access and control, the use of encryption techniques, the instruction of personnel involved in the processing of personal data, and the careful selection of subcontractors.


Retention period of personal data

Tokko Rental Warehouse will retain your personal data only for as long as it is needed for their stated purposes or for the fulfillment of legal obligations. When the personal information we collect is no longer needed, we will securely destroy or delete it.


Rights of the data subject and their enforcement

Data protection legislation guarantees data subjects a number of rights with regard to their personal data, including Tokko Rental warehouse is committed to implementing. Goby Rental warehouse the user of the services has, among other things, the right to check the personal data stored about him or her and to request a copy of the personal data collected from the user. When Tokko Rental warehouse the processing of the user's personal data is based on the user's consent, the user has the right to withdraw his consent to the processing at any time.

At the user's request, we will correct, delete or supplement personal data that is incorrect, unnecessary, incomplete or out of date for the purpose of the processing. The user also has the right to request the deletion of his personal data (the so-called right to be forgotten) if the processing is based on the user's consent and the user withdraws his consent, the user's personal data has been processed unlawfully or the user objects to the processing of his personal data.

In addition, in certain situations, the user has the right to request a restriction of processing, to object to processing and to request the transfer of data from the system to one or another controller. The user may have such a right, inter alia, in situations where there is no longer a legal basis for the processing but instead of deleting the data, the user only wants to limit the processing or when the processing was based on consent and the processing was automatic.

The user has the right to lodge a complaint with the competent supervisory authority regarding the processing of the user's personal data by Tokko Vuokarasto if the user feels that Tokko Vuokrasto has not processed the user's data as required by applicable data protection legislation or if requests related to the user's rights have not been properly fulfilled. Contact details for the competent data protection authorities of all EEA countries can be found from here.

If you wish to exercise any of the rights guaranteed to you by the applicable law described above, you may do so by contacting Tokko Rental Warehouse (or, as the case may be, a company belonging to the Tokko Group as registrar) using the contact information provided in this privacy statement. In some cases, the Rental Warehouse may need to ask you for more information to make sure you are the person you say you are. If Tokko Rental Warehouse acts only as a processor of another data controller with regard to your personal data, Tokko Rental warehouse instruct you to contact that registrar regarding your requests. For some services, Tokko Rental warehouse also offers you the ability to view, change and delete your own information by logging in to Tokko Rental warehouse to the user portal. Whenever you have the opportunity, Tokko Vocean warehouse primarily recommends, for example, updating your information via that user portal.


Automatic data collection

Tokko Rental Warehouse uses commonly used digital marketing methods and tools to collect information about your movement on our website. This information is collected to improve the usability and content of our sites, to target advertising and marketing, and to identify visitor interests. Cookies are mainly collected through cookies (see below) and cannot be linked to an individual.


Tokko Cookies used by the rental warehouse

We use cookies on our website to better understand what content our site visitors are interested in. A cookie is a small text file that a browser stores on a user's terminal. Cookies contain an anonymous, unique identifier that allows us to identify and count the various browsers that visit our site. Cookies do not move online by themselves, but are set on the user's terminal only with the site the user invites. Only the server that sent the cookie can later read and use the cookie. Cookies or other technologies do not damage the user's terminal or files, and cookies cannot be used to access programs or spread malware.

Javascript and server logs allow us to collect information about how and when our services are used: for example, from which page the user has accessed the service, when and what web page the user has browsed, what browser the user is using, what is the user's screen resolution, device operating system and version, and IP address.

The purpose of using cookies and other similar technologies is to further analyze and develop our services to better serve our users. Among other things, the technologies make it possible for the user not to have to re-enter usernames, passwords and personalization choices each time.

We use cookies and other similar technologies to statistically monitor the number of visitors to our services and to measure the effectiveness of advertising. For example, we may collect information from marketing emails and newsletters to determine whether messages have been opened and acted upon. To improve the usability of our sites, we may conduct short-term surveys in which we may also record information about a user's mouse movement and clicks on a particular page.

We use both session-specific cookies, which only last for the duration of your visit, and persistent cookies, which are stored for longer periods of time over multiple browsings. Some of these cookies are the cookies of the operator who administers the site (such as Tokko Vuokravarasto) when you visit and some are cookies of third parties (such as analytics companies) that provide services on the site. You can find out more about the cookies used on the Tokko Rental Warehouse website through your browser's cookie settings.

You can disable or disable cookies or otherwise manage cookies in the settings of the browser you are using. However, it is worth noting that blocking the use of cookies may affect some functionality of the website and after blocking you may no longer be able to benefit from all the features of our website.


Amendment of the privacy statement  

Tokko Vuokravarasto is constantly developing its business and therefore reserves the right to change this privacy statement by announcing it in the services. Changes can also be based on changes in legislation. If we make changes to this Privacy Statement, we will post the amended statement and the date of the change on this site. For this reason, we recommend that our Users regularly review the up-to-date privacy statement on our site.

If we make significant changes to our announcements that result in a material change to our privacy policy, we may notify you in other ways, such as by sending an email, posting the notice on our Group website and / or social media page before the changes take effect.

This Privacy Statement was last updated on November 20, 2020.



If you have any comments or questions about our privacy statement, or if you are concerned about privacy or the use of the information, or suspect that your privacy has been violated, please send a message to You can also write to Linnankoskenkatu 11 B 30, 00250, Helsinki.

We will treat your request confidentially and our representative will contact the address you provided if necessary. We strive to process comments in a timely manner and as required.